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Darth Happy Grimm, Master of Deception

Darth 'Happy' Grimm

Origin: Unknown
Affiliation: Sith
Current Status: Active Service- Imperial Knights under direct command of Red Sonja Palpatine, Director of Intelligence and Commander of the Imperial Knights Light Brigade; Leisure Mech Industries under John GoldenWolf, commander of Covert operations and field testing
Height: Six foot
Race: Human
Family: None
Age: Unknown
Force Abilities: Force Crush, Force Grip, Force Rage, Force Confusion, Force Speed, Battle Meditation
Other abilities and specialities: Close quarters and hand-to-hand combat expert, small weapons and small group tactics expert, clandestine and unothadox operations specialist, master interrogator, commander, pilot and smuggler.

Grimm is, much by his own wishes, an enigma. Nobody knows of his past except the very basics. He was Force strong and self trained Force user who after trying to rally the Jedi Knights into a fighting Force, was shunned for his agression and use of threats and violence. He turned his back on them and begun to wander the galaxy as a smuggler and sometime spy. After a time in self forced exile, Grimm returned to known space and joined the fleet of Emperor Symons, rising to command a strike force and ground operations wing. His tasks included prisoner snatches, infiltration, sabotage and disinformation.

While war zone service was Grimm's bread and butter, he was dissatisfied with Symons manner of command and left, abandoning both troops and ships. It was in these weeks he attracted the attention of the Empress Red Sonja Palpatine, commander of the Imperial Knights. Seeing something in him others had not, Red Sonja asked him to serve as the director of IK Intel. Slightly in love with his new Empress, Grimm bent his knee, and vowed loyal service.

Since, Grimm has steadily expanded the reach of the fledgling Intelligence directorate. Utilizing his knowledge of smuggling and criminal groups, Grimm established the Imperial Knights Light Brigade to deal with 'adverse' Intelligence collections. Grimm also joined John Goldenwolf in his production company Leisure Mech Industries and tests and helps theorize with think tanks on the production of droids for all manner of service, including assassination, intelligence collection, sabotage, infiltration and more.

He recently won a claim on the planet Malachor 5, where he resides when able, rents a large space on O'Mega station above Vjun. Has a home and offices on Orax, and spends most of his time travelling in the service of his Empress. Grimm is a creature of shadows through and through, and shuns the spotlight. When asked why, Grimm answers flatly that 'the shadows are where things go bump in the night... its the only place I get to bump back.'

The name Darth Happy Grimm comes about because Grimm has a rather happy disposition, especially when in battle. Unlike most Sith, Grimm wears no mantle of Lord or Master, but simply the title Darth.

Appearances are often deceiving.

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