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Galactic Empress Eve Palpatine

Homeworld: Byss
"Born": 18 BBY
Midichlorian count per cell: 20,000
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Yellow
Affiliation: Sith

"Thinking's useful. Try it sometime."

Eve was created in the Emperor's cloning facility several months after His Glorious Resurrection, using his own DNA, but for reasons known only to him, the X chromosome was recopied so that the clone would be female. She was truly his; she had no mother, and was never a child, for she climbed out of the cloning tank full-grown.

'Like any Empress, she mixes truth with lies until you can't separate them.'

The next two decades were spent under the brutally harsh tutelage of her father, with occasional assignments as an Emperor's Hand: sabotage, assassination, instigating unrest and the like. Eve excelled at everything she was assigned to do, as she knew more than most that the punishment for failure would be a far worse fate than death. By the time there was a full scale Rebellion, she was eager to do her part in viciously crushing it.

Before long, you and everyone you hold dear will learn just how 'pretty dangerous' a foe I can be.

For the next few decades, Eve lived the high life of an Imperial Princess, interspersed with periods of intensive study of whatever piqued her interest at the time. The Yuuzhan Vong invasion renewed her recurring obsession with biotechnology, as she sought ways to incorporate theirs for the use of the First Galactic Empire.

"There is this about being Sith, We strengthen ourselves through sacrifice."

Then came the day that Emperor Palpatine, the Great Lord Sidious, met his end and became one with the Dark Side. And Eve took the Crown, whispering to herself, "Sau meo fasonija nuo sis" - or in Basic, "I was made for this."

Galactic Empress Eve Palpatime is widely known for her important position, thinking capacity as well as her great beauty. Aggressiveness imbued with charisma and lots of self-confidence.